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Buy New, Used, & Rebuilt Diesel Turbochargers Online

Goldfarb & Associates offers the highest quality new and genuine OEM rebuilt turbochargers from manufacturers such as Borg Warner, Holset, Garett (Honeywell), Mitsubishi, IHI (Clover), GMC, Dodge, and more.

With hundreds of turbochargers for sale, Goldfarb can supply you with what you need. In addition to an extensive parts inventory, we have deep connections with the most reputable parts suppliers servicing all diesel engine applications. Goldfarb has you covered whether you need parts for a passenger car, light-duty pick-up truck, heavy-duty pickup, or commercial vehicle. We also provide parts for agricultural, industrial, or marine vehicles.

Turbocharger applications include Powerstroke, Cummins, Duramax, Ford, Chevrolet, GM, Dodge, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Kia, Detroit, Volvo, Mack, International, Navistar, Caterpillar, John Deere, Yanmar, Komatsu, and more. If your diesel engine has a turbocharger, Goldfarb can help you identify it and locate new or rebuilt turbochargers at an affordable price. Have questions about used diesel engine parts? We deliver answers in real time with our live chat option (bottom right of your screen).

Diesel Turbochargers

A diesel turbocharger is a forced induction device. It is primarily used in diesel engines but has been expanding to gasoline engine applications as well. A turbocharger harnesses exhaust gasses to give an engine more power. When a diesel turbocharger is connected to an internal combustion engine, it utilizes the engine's expelled gas to spin a compressor wheel and take in increased air from the outside. This process produces more horsepower and torque than the engine would without one.

Goldfarb & Associates has both new and used diesel turbochargers for sale. While new parts are always in demand, you may be interested in considering the benefits of cost-effective rebuilt turbochargers, which may be the ideal choice for optimizing your engine's performance.

Diesel Turbochargers for Sale

Goldfarb & Associates has been in the industry, supplying customers worldwide with high-quality diesel parts for over 20 years. Our name means everything to us, and we stand by our inventory of new, used, and remanufactured products. Goldfarb & Associates has the experience necessary to help identify the right turbocharger for you. Whether you're looking for a turbocharger for a passenger car, commercial vehicle, marine vehicle, or anything in between. we have the new or rebuilt OEM diesel turbocharger you need.

With our network of over 300 turbocharger remanufacturers around the country and the globe, Goldfarb & Associates can help locate even the rarest of turbochargers. In addition, we thoroughly inspect every turbocharger that arrives or leaves our Rockville, Maryland headquarters.

We ensure that each diesel turbocharger meets or exceeds OEM standards by visually and physically inspecting the compressor housing, compressor wheel, turbine wheel, and turbine housing. With the advancements in today's more advanced turbochargers that include Variable Geometry Technology (Garrett VNT, Holset VGT, and Borg Warner VTG), Goldfarb understands the complexity of turbocharger issues and will help diagnose and replace the necessary parts to get your engine running once again.

Our diesel turbochargers are carefully packaged so that they arrive fully intact at the destination, and we offer free shipping anywhere in the U.S. Explore our wide range of inventory online, or come to our Rockville, MD warehouse to find the turbocharger you need in person.


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