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Buy New, Used, & Rebuilt Diesel Turbochargers Online

Goldfarb & Associates offers the highest quality new, used and rebuilt turbocharger for sale from manufacturers such as Borg Warner, Holset, Garett (Honeywell), Mitsubishi, IHI (Clover), GMC, Dodge, and more.

With hundreds of turbochargers for sale, Goldfarb can supply you with what you need and make a turbo charger replacement. Our extensive parts inventory and deep connections with reputable suppliers ensure that we can cover all your diesel engine application needs, whether for passenger cars, light-duty and heavy-duty pickups, commercial vehicles, agricultural, industrial, or marine vehicles.

Goldfarb & Associates specializes in turbos for sale for a wide range of diesel engine applications, including Powerstroke, Cummins, Duramax, Ford, Chevrolet, GM, Dodge, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Kia, Detroit, Volvo, Mack, International, Navistar, Caterpillar, John Deere, Yanmar, Komatsu, and more. If your diesel engine is equipped with a turbocharger, we can assist you in identifying and sourcing the right part, whether it's a new turbocharger, rebuilt turbocharger for sale, or a used turbo. Our expertise extends to providing solutions for turbo charger replacement needs, ensuring that your engine performs at its best. Need answers about turbocharger parts? Our live chat option is available in real-time to address your inquiries promptly. Trust Goldfarb & Associates, your trusted Turbocharger dealer, to deliver top-quality products and exceptional service.

The Purpose of Diesel Turbochargers

A diesel turbocharger, a type of forced induction device primarily utilized in diesel engines, is now also gaining traction in gasoline engine applications. This mechanism utilizes exhaust gasses to augment an engine's power output. By connecting diesel turbos to an internal combustion engine, it capitalizes on the engine's exhaust gas to spin a compressor wheel, drawing in more air from the surroundings. Consequently, this process enhances the engine's horsepower and torque, surpassing what it could achieve without a turbo.

At Goldfarb & Associates, we offer a wide range of turbochargers for diesel engines, including both new and used options. While new turbochargers are always in demand, we also present the opportunity to explore rebuilt turbos for sale, which offer cost-effective advantages while optimizing your engine's performance. Trust us, your reliable Turbocharger dealers, to provide top-quality products that meet your needs, whether it's a turbo charger replacement or enhancing your engine's performance with our used turbos for sale.

The Diesel Turbochargers for Sale in GoldFarb & Associates

For over 20 years, Goldfarb & Associates has been a trusted name in the industry, providing customers worldwide with high-quality diesel turbo parts. We stand by our inventory of new, used, and remanufactured turbos, ensuring that each item meets or exceeds OEM standards. With our extensive experience, we can help identify the right turbocharger for your needs, whether it's for a passenger car, commercial vehicle, marine vessel, or anything in between. We offer a comprehensive selection of new, used or rebuilt OEM diesel turbochargers to suit your requirements.

With a network of over 300 turbocharger remanufacturers worldwide, Goldfarb & Associates can locate even the rarest of turbochargers. Every turbocharger for sale undergoes thorough inspection at our Rockville, Maryland headquarters to guarantee quality. We meticulously inspect the compressor housing, compressor wheel, turbine wheel, and turbine housing to ensure compliance with OEM standards.

We understand the complexity of turbocharger issues, including advancements in Variable Geometry Technology (Garrett VNT, Holset VGT, and Borg Warner VTG). Our team is equipped to diagnose and replace necessary turbocharger parts to get your engine running smoothly once again.

Our used turbo for sale is carefully packaged to ensure they arrive intact at their destination, and we offer free shipping anywhere in the U.S. Explore our wide inventory online or visit our Rockville, MD warehouse in person to find the turbo for sale you need.


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