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Buy New, Used, & Rebuilt Diesel Turbochargers Online

Goldfarb & Associates offers the highest quality new and genuine OEM rebuilt turbochargers from manufacturers such as Borg Warner, Holset, Garett (Honeywell), Mitsubishi, IHI (Clover), GMC, Dodge, and more.

With hundreds of turbochargers for sale, Goldfarb can supply you with what you need. In addition to an extensive parts inventory, we have deep connections with the most reputable parts suppliers servicing all diesel engine applications. Goldfarb has you covered whether you need parts for a passenger car, light-duty pick-up truck, heavy-duty pickup, or commercial vehicle. We also provide parts for agricultural, industrial, or marine vehicles.

Turbocharger applications include Powerstroke, Cummins, Duramax, Ford, Chevrolet, GM, Dodge, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Kia, Detroit, Volvo, Mack, International, Navistar, Caterpillar, John Deere, Yanmar, Komatsu, and more. If your diesel engine has a turbocharger, Goldfarb can help you identify it and locate new or rebuilt turbochargers at an affordable price. Have questions about used diesel engine parts? We deliver answers in real time with our live chat option (bottom right of your screen).

Diesel Turbochargers

A diesel turbocharger is a forced induction device. It is primarily used in diesel engines but has been expanding to gasoline engine applications as well. A turbocharger harnesses exhaust gasses to give an engine more power. When a diesel turbocharger is connected to an internal combustion engine, it utilizes the engine's expelled gas to spin a compressor wheel and take in increased air from the outside. This process produces more horsepower and torque than the engine would without one.

Goldfarb & Associates has both new and used diesel turbochargers for sale. While new parts are always in demand, you may be interested in considering the benefits of cost-effective rebuilt turbochargers, which may be the ideal choice for optimizing your engine's performance.

Diesel Turbocharger Components

A Turbocharger consists of two main components: a compressor and a turbine. The turbine is made up of a turbine wheel and housing. The turbine housing collects gas from the engine and directs it to the turbine wheel. The gas then turns the wheel and exits through an exhaust outlet. A compressor is also composed of a wheel and housing.

The compressor works in an opposite action to the turbine. As the compressor wheel turns, it draws in outside air and compresses it, converting it to a high-pressure stream. The compressed air then enters the engine, allowing it to produce more horsepower by burning more fuel.

Types of Diesel Turbochargers

Turbochargers come in a variety of different types to fit different engine styles. Here are the six turbocharger types:

Single Diesel Turbocharger

Single turbochargers are the most commonly known. They are a cost-effective option for increasing engine power, and single turbochargers are generally the easiest to install. However, a single turbocharger can have infinite variability by changing the sizes of the individual components.

Different size elements will result in differing torque characteristics. A larger single turbocharger will provide high top-end power performance, while smaller elements provide a faster spool and better low-end power. A single turbocharger is also available in a ball-bearing option, which produces less friction for the wheel elements to spin on.

Twin Diesel Turbocharger

As evident by the name, a twin turbocharger means assigning two turbochargers to a single engine. When working with a V6 or V8 engine, adding a single turbocharger to each cylinder bank is possible. The benefits of this would be similar to a single turbocharger setup on a non-V-shaped engine. Another configuration includes using one turbocharger for low RPM and another typically larger turbocharger for higher RPM. Consider one of the more complex turbochargers described below for lower cost and more efficient options with similar results.

Electric Diesel Turbocharger

An electric turbocharger adds an electric motor that spins the compressor until the exhaust levels are high enough to take over. Using an electric turbocharger can eliminate the turbo lag that comes with using other turbochargers. It can also significantly increase efficiency by increasing the RPM band. The disadvantages associated with an electric turbocharger include higher costs and complexity. Adding an electric motor requires cooling mechanisms and additional controllers.

Variable Geometry Diesel Turbocharger

A variable geometry turbocharger includes a ring of internal vanes in the turbine housing, designed to be aerodynamic and to match the RPM by altering the area-to-radius (A/R) ratio. These vanes can bring the turbocharger to peak performance.

At a low RPM, a variable geometry turbocharger (VGT) produces a low A/R ratio, allowing it to increase exhaust gas velocity and quickly spool up. At a higher RPM, the A/R ratio will increase, ramping up the airflow. Until recently, the high cost of materials used in making the internal vanes kept VGTs limited to diesel engine applications. A diesel engine produces exhaust gasses that are lower in temperature, resulting in less likelihood of damage.

Twin-Scroll Diesel Turbocharger

A twin-scroll turbocharger uses two scrolls to divide the exhaust pulses. It includes divided inlet housing and exhaust manifolds to pair each scroll with an engine cylinder. This system allows for more efficient exhaust gas delivery to the turbocharger, providing more power. A twin-scroll turbocharger will not work for every engine but requires a specific engine and exhaust design. This turbocharger can be used on I4 and V8 engines, where two cylinders can feed each scroll.

Variable Twin-Scroll Diesel Turbocharger

A variable twin-scroll turbocharger (VTS) has both the benefits of a variable geometry turbocharger (VGT) and a twin-scroll turbocharger. There is a valve in a VTS turbocharger that varies in the size of its opening, directing exhaust gas airflow to either both scrolls at once or just a single scroll. A VTS turbocharger has the functionality and power of a VGT turbocharger at a more accessible price. The cost-effective nature of a VTS turbocharger makes it a feasible option for petrol engine applications, whereas a VGT turbocharger tends to be used only for diesel engines.

Advantages of Using a Rebuilt Diesel Turbocharger

Buying rebuilt and remanufactured diesel turbochargers rather than brand-new parts can offer several advantages to vehicle owners. The rebuilt diesel turbochargers sold at Goldfarb are rebuilt using components sourced from an OEM supplier, ensuring they meet high standards and specifications and can be customized to fit the make and model of your vehicle.

1. Cost Savings

The first and most obvious advantage is cost savings. Rebuilt turbochargers will typically run for much less than new ones while providing the same reliable performance.

2. Performance Improvement

Rebuilt diesel turbochargers should perform like new, which will significantly increase the power and performance of your vehicle.

3. Environmental Benefits

Choosing a rebuilt diesel turbocharger is the more sustainable option and can reduce the waste of discarded vehicle parts.

4. Availability

Goldfarb has many rebuilt diesel turbochargers readily available, reducing the downtime of getting your vehicle back on the road.

5. High Quality

A rebuilt diesel turbocharger will undergo thorough testing and quality control checks to ensure OEM specifications before being resold.

6. Long Lasting

With proper diesel turbocharger and engine maintenance, a rebuilt part will last as long as a brand-new one.

Used and Rebuilt Turbochargers FAQs

Are used diesel turbochargers a smart investment?

While this depends on the dealer, Goldfarb & Associates works with a network of vetted, reputable professionals who guarantee their work. Every used and rebuilt turbocharger is carefully inspected before it is sold and fitted to a vehicle. With regular maintenance, our used turbochargers will perform well for years to come.

How much mileage can I get from a rebuilt diesel turbocharger?

The lifespan of a remanufactured diesel turbocharger will depend on several things, including the type and quality of the part and the maintenance given to the turbocharger and the engine itself. A well-maintained and high-quality rebuilt turbocharger can last upwards of 100,000 miles. The lifespan can decrease when an engine is subjected to harsh operating conditions or not regularly maintained.

What are some signs that a diesel turbocharger might need to be replaced?

You may need to replace a diesel turbocharger if you notice a decrease in performance, unusual smoke, high oil consumption, alarming noises, and visible physical damage to the turbocharger. If you're concerned with your turbocharger's performance or lifespan, talk to a mechanic or specialist.

Can a failing diesel turbocharger damage my engine?

Yes, it is possible for a failing turbocharger to cause damage to your engine if the issues are not addressed promptly. For example, if a turbocharger leaks oil, it could contaminate the engine's oil supply causing serious damage.

What should I look for in a rebuilt diesel turbocharger?

While the rebuilt diesel turbochargers for sale at Goldfarb have been properly inspected, examining used parts for any signs of damage, such as cracks or chips, is still worthwhile. You may also ask about the rebuild process and any maintenance history.

Diesel Turbochargers for Sale

Goldfarb & Associates has been in the industry, supplying customers worldwide with high-quality diesel parts for over 20 years. Our name means everything to us, and we stand by our inventory of new, used, and remanufactured products. Goldfarb & Associates has the experience necessary to help identify the right turbocharger for you. Whether you're looking for a turbocharger for a passenger car, commercial vehicle, marine vehicle, or anything in between. we have the new or rebuilt OEM diesel turbocharger you need.

With our network of over 300 turbocharger remanufacturers around the country and the globe, Goldfarb & Associates can help locate even the rarest of turbochargers. In addition, we thoroughly inspect every turbocharger that arrives or leaves our Rockville, Maryland headquarters.

We ensure that each diesel turbocharger meets or exceeds OEM standards by visually and physically inspecting the compressor housing, compressor wheel, turbine wheel, and turbine housing. With the advancements in today's more advanced turbochargers that include Variable Geometry Technology (Garrett VNT, Holset VGT, and Borg Warner VTG), Goldfarb understands the complexity of turbocharger issues and will help diagnose and replace the necessary parts to get your engine running once again.

Our diesel turbochargers are carefully packaged so that they arrive fully intact at the destination, and we offer free shipping anywhere in the U.S. Explore our wide range of inventory online, or come to our Rockville, MD warehouse to find the turbocharger you need in person.


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