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3590044N (3800471; 4033813H ; 3536995; 1080237R, 178923, 198382D, 2834419, 286TC21006000, 3536149, 3536995, 3536996, 3590045, 4033813; 3803938) New Holset HX55 Turbocharger Fits 1999-2012 Cummins Delta Alpha Plus Truck, Bus with ISM, ISME, M11 Engine

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3590044N (3800471; 4033813H ; 3536995; 1080237R, 178923, 198382D, 2834419, 286TC21006000, 3536149, 3536995, 3536996, 3590045, 4033813; 3803938) New Holset HX55 Turbocharger Fits 1999-2012 Cummins Delta Alpha Plus Truck, Bus with ISM, ISME, M11 Engine

Product Description

Part Number 3590044
Previous Part Number 1080237R, 178923, 198382D, 2834419, 286TC21006000, 3536149, 3536995, 3536996, 3590044, 3590045, 4033813, 4033813H, 4039173, 4046031
OE number 3800471, 3800471NX, 3800471RX, 3803938, 3803938NX, 3803938RX, 3804503, 3804503NX, 3804503RX
Year 1999-09
Description Freightliner Truck, Bus, Diamond & Delta Plus Alpha, International
Manufacturer Part Number 4046031, 2834419, 4039173, 4033813H 2834419, 3590045, 3780171, 3788312, 3800471, 3800471RX
CHRA 3580726 (3580726H, 4030942, 5451478)(1153055900)
Turbo Model HX55-E9861L/H22E11D, HX55
Engine Manufacturer Cummins
Displacement 11.0L, 1100 ccm
Engine M11, ISM, ISME 380 20, B5.9-C, ISME Euro-2 & Euro-3
Fuel Diesel
Angle α (compressor housing) 8/153/264/330°
Angle β (turbine housing) 90/92/130°
Bearing Housing 3535704 (353557500, 3535575)(1153055450)
Turbine Wheel 3535983 (353598300)(Ind. 85.8 mm, Exd. 76.95 mm, 12 Blades)(1153055436, 1100016122B)
Comp. Wheel 3534329 (4040739, 4040740, 4041666)(Ind. 65.1 mm, Exd. 99.06 mm, 12 Blades)(1153055400, 1200016217)
Back plate 3528096 (352809600)(1153055300, 1800016024)
Heat shield Number 3529846 (3533038)(353303800, 352984600)(1153055340)
Repair Kit 3580762 (3575181)(358076200, 357518100)(1153055751, 5000020023) $
Turbine Housing 3536942
Compressor Cover 3594775
Compressor Cover (Noise Baffle) 3595516
Compressor Cover (Ring) 3531238
Gasket (turbine inlet) 210847 Inox Steel
Gasket (oil outlet) 210060 (311585, 148062, 409267-0003, 409267-0002, 210060-0000, 51914)(Paper) 
Gasket Kit 3800279 (215183)(2090505445)
Manufacturer HOLSET



2007-12 Cummins Truck, Bus with ISM, ISME, M11 Engine

1999-09 Cummins Truck Bus, Truck Delta Alpha Plus with M11 Engine


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