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0-445-010-095R (0-445-010-135; 6420700301) Rebuilt Bosch Injection Pump Fits Mercedes Benz Engine

Goldfarb & Associates Inc

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0-445-010-095R (0-445-010-135; 6420700301) Rebuilt Bosch Injection Pump Fits Mercedes Benz Engine


If expedited shipping is needed, please CALL US to see if this option is available before placing your order * Our number is 301-770-4514




ALT NUMBER: 0 445 010 095; 0445010095; 0 445 010 135; 0445010135; 0-986-437-363; 0-986-437-327; 0986437363, 0986437327

Dodge 68014 060AA, 68014060AA 

Jeep 64207 00301, 6420700301

Year 2005-12

High Pressure Pump, Fuel Injection Pump

Mercedes-Benz: A 642 070 00 01, A6420700001, A 642 070 03 01, A6420700301, A 642 070 03 01 0080, A64207003010080, 642 070 00 01, 6420700001, 642 070 03 01, 6420700301, 642 070 03 01 0080, 64207003010080

BOSCH Part # 0 445 010 095, 0445010095, 0 445 010 135, 0445010135, 0 445 010 345, 0445010345, 0 986 437 327, 0986437327, 0 986 437 363, 0986437363

Displacement: 3.0L, 2987 ccm, V6 Cylinders, DOHC Turbocharged

Engine Codes: OM 642.910, OM 642.870, OM 642.950, OM 642.920, OM 642.961, OM 642.850, OM 642.852, OM 642.940, OM 642.820, OM 642.832, OM 642.990, OM 642.930, OM 642.932, OM 642.896, OM 642.992, OM 642.910, OM 642.940, OM 642.961, OM 642.896, OM 642.992,OM 642.993, OM 642.960 KW 140/150/165/170/190/204/211/224/231 HP Fuel Diesel Manufacturer Bosch


2007-09 Mercedes Benz C320 CDI

2005-09 Mercedes Benz CLK 320 Cabriolet CDI

2005-09 Mercedes Benz CLS 320 CDI

2009 Mercedes Benz CLS 350 CDI

2009-12 Mercedes Benz E350 BlueTEC

2006-12 Mercedes Benz G320 CDI

2006-09 Mercedes Benz GL320 CDI

2009-10 Mercedes Benz GL350 CDI

2009-12 Mercedes Benz GL350 CDI BlueTEC

2008-12 Mercedes Benz GLK 320 CDI 4 Matic

2005-09 Mercedes Benz ML280 CDI 4 Matic

2009-12 Mercedes Benz ML300 CDI 4 Matic

2009-12 Mercedes Benz ML350 CDI 4 Matic

2007-09 Mercedes Benz R280 CDI

2006-09 Mercedes Benz R280 CDI 4 Matic

2009-10 Mercedes Benz R300 CDI

2009-12Mercedes Benz R350 BlueTEC

2005-09 Mercedes Benz S320 CDI

2006-09 Mercedes Benz S320 CDI 4 Matic

2006-12 Mercedes Benz Viano 3.0L CDI

2007-12 Mercedes Benz Vito 120 CDI

2010-12 Mercedes Benz Vito 122 CDI


If expedited shipping is needed, please CALL US to see if this option is available before placing your order * Our number is 301-770-4514

We DO NOT take any responsibility if you place an order and pay for overnight or expedited shipping without confirming with us and if we are not able to ship the part that way.
If that option is not available the part will ship out to you whenever it becomes available again for shipment. This can either be the next week or in 2-3 weeks of order. In very rare cases it can take about 4 weeks until we have a part ready to ship. Always confirm with us before placing an order.

We offer free FedEx ground shipping only in the US.
All FedEx International shipping rates will be shown and calculated at checkout when you add the part to your cart and after you enter all the shipping details.
Please follow all the steps required so the checkout process is done properly.
You can complete your payment via PayPal, Affirm or any debit / credit card.

Call us at 301-770-4514 to double check if any of the expedited shipping options you see at checkout are available!
Call us if you have any questions regarding the part you are looking at.
We will be happy to confirm details with you.


Goldfarb & Associates offers fast and free shipping via UPS ground within 24 hours of purchase (Monday through Friday). Expedited and international shipping can be arranged with an additional charge by contacting a customer support representative. All products shipped by Goldfarb & Associates are packaged with highly secure, foam filled protection and are fully insured. If upon receipt of package the product is damaged, Goldfarb & Associates will fully refund or replace the purchased item.

Please direct additional questions regarding shipping methods can be directed to the customer support team at Goldfarb & Associates (301) 770-4514. Please have your full name, product number, and order number ready at the time of contact.

Goldfarb & Associates stands behind the quality of all of their products.


Goldfarb & Associates guarantees the used part you are purchasing is in good rebuildable shape. NOTE: we do not guarantee the used parts will be operational without a rebuild. All turbochargers, if noted in good condition, will have non-damaged wheels and housings, and acceptable amounts of shaft play. All fuel injectors and injection pumps will be physically good from external inspection. If the product is received to be in a condition different from that guaranteed, Goldfarb & Associates will refund or replace the product when possible.

New & Remanufactured Parts

Goldfarb & Associates guarantees the product you are purchasing is ready to be installed. All new and remanufactured parts are sold without a core charge and without a warranty unless mutually agreed upon. Please contact a Goldfarb & Associates sales representative to discuss condition of product and warranty arrangements (301) 770-4514.

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