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Buy New, Used, & Rebuilt Diesel Engine Plungers Online

If your vehicle is showing signs of a worn or damaged diesel engine pump, Goldfarb & Associates can provide the highest quality diesel engine plungers from manufacturers such as Denso, Bosch, Zexel, and more.

With hundreds of pump plungers in stock, Goldfarb will be able to find what you need. On top of an extensive in-house parts inventory, we also have deep connections with reputable parts suppliers and manufacturers that serve all diesel engine applications. Goldfarb has you covered whether your vehicle is a passenger car, pick-up truck, marine, industrial, agricultural, or commercial vehicle.

Get in touch with Goldfarb to identify and locate the new or rebuilt diesel engine parts you need at a reasonable price. If you have any questions about diesel engine plungers, we will answer them in real-time through the live chat option at the bottom of your screen.

Diesel Engine Pump Plungers

A diesel engine plunger is one component of the diesel fuel injection system. This system delivers fuel in precise amounts to the combustion chamber of an engine. A diesel pump plunger is usually made from steel or brass metal. The shape of the plunger is cylindrical with a tapered end.

The diesel engine plunger is located inside a fuel injection pump. Fuel injection pumps are operated by the engine’s camshaft or by other mechanical functions. Typically the camshaft will rotate and move a series of plungers up and down, pumping fuel through valves and into the cylinders of the engine. The design of a diesel pump plunger is vital to the efficiency and performance of a diesel engine. The plunger is tapered so that it may fit into a socket inside the fuel injection pump and create a seal. This seal prevents fuel leakage and allows for fuel to be pressurized before moving on to the engine. An engine’s combustion efficiency is determined by allowing a specific amount of fuel at the correct pressure to be delivered to the engine. When the fuel-to-air ratio and pressure are correct, you can reduce emissions, improve fuel economy, and extend the lifespan of an engine.

Goldfarb & Associates has both new and rebuilt diesel pump plungers for sale. With brand-new parts always in demand, consider the benefits of using cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, and long-lasting rebuilt diesel engine parts.

The Function of a Diesel Engine Pump

A fuel injection diesel engine pump is the heart of an engine. Fuel flows through the pump in precise timing that keeps the engine running smoothly. The injection pump also controls the amount of fuel to enter the engine, which in turn controls the desired amount of engine power. An injection pump plays the role of both the throttle and ignition system found in gasoline engines.

By ensuring that fuel is delivered at the correct pressure in the correct amount, clean and efficient combustion is achieved. Proper and regular maintenance of the diesel engine pump is recommended to keep it in optimal condition.

Four Types of Diesel Engine Pumps

1. Common Rail Injection Pump

A common rail fuel injection pump is electronically controlled. This pump was invented to meet modern exhaust gas regulations. This injection pump includes a supply pump, an electronic controlled injector, a common rail, and various sensors. With a common rail system, the electronic and computer sensors make the decisions on how much fuel is pressurized and delivered.

2. Distributor (rotary) Fuel Injection Pump

A distributor injection pump is a smaller pump made for vehicles with limited space in the engine. It is controlled by various sensors, an actuator, and an electronic control unit. Similarly to a common rail pump, the sensors will detect the engine’s condition and relay signals to control the pump. The distributor pump type uses a single diesel pump plunger for all injections. A distributor pump is small and compact. This fuel pump is not typically used for high-capacity diesel engines.

3. Distributor Injection Pump

A distributor injection pump is similar in size to the distributor (rotary) fuel injection pump but is mechanically controlled. With only one fuel pressure mechanism, no matter how many engine cylinders are present, this pump is designed to follow an injection order to delivery pressurized fuel to each individual cylinder. This pump is compact, housing the timer, governor, and feed pump, and ideal for smaller engines.

4. In-Line Fuel Injection Pump

An in-line fuel injection pump is also a mechanically controlled diesel fuel system. This pump is primarily used in large trucks and construction machinery. Camshafts drive fuel injection controls and the fuel pressure required for the engine.

Advantages of Buying Rebuilt, Remanufactured, and Used Diesel Engine Parts

Buying remanufactured and rebuilt diesel engine parts instead of new options can offer a few benefits to vehicle owners. The parts sold at Goldfarb & Associates, whether they are new, rebuilt, or used, are backed by trusted suppliers and manufacturers. We ensure that the parts you choose will meet our highest standards. Here are a few benefits of sticking with used and rebuilt diesel engine parts.

1. Cost Effective

You may find surprising savings when choosing used, remanufactured, or rebuilt engine parts over brand-new options. Rebuilt diesel engine plungers will typically go for less than new while still providing reliable performance.

2. Improve Engine Performance

Rebuilt engine parts should perform just like brand new, and you should see significant increases in the power of your vehicle.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Choosing rebuilt and used engine parts is more earth-friendly and sustainable. Used parts help to reduce the amount of discarded vehicle parts.

4. Readily Available

Goldfarb & Associates has a wide selection of rebuilt diesel engine parts available in their warehouse or online. Not waiting to order in new parts may reduce your vehicle’s repair downtime.

5. Quality

Rebuilt engine parts sold at Goldfarb will always undergo thorough testing and quality control checks.

6. Longevity

With proper engine servicing and maintenance, rebuilt parts should last as long as new options.

Diesel Engine Plungers FAQs

Q: What are the common problems found with diesel pump plungers?

A: Common problems include wear and tear over time, corrosion of the mental components, and damage coming from contaminants and debris in the fuel flowing through the pump. Issues like these will cause the plunger to malfunction over time. This malfunction can lead to increased emissions, reduced fuel economy, and impaired engine performance.

Q: How can diesel engine plunger issues be prevented?

A: Common issues with diesel engine plungers can be prevented with regular vehicle servicing and maintenance. You can also maintain the lifespan of a diesel fuel pump by using high-quality fuel filters to minimize the risk of contaminants. If you notice any issues that could be coming from your diesel fuel pump, get it looked at as soon as possible to prevent further engine damage.

Q: What are some signs that the fuel pump is failing?

A: Your fuel pump may be failing if you find the vehicle having sudden speed surges, the temperature is rising in the car, or if your gas mileage is decreased.

Q: Can I replace my diesel fuel pump myself?

A: In the majority of cases, replacing a diesel fuel pump will require specialized knowledge and tools. This should be done by a qualified mechanic or technician. If you attempt to replace a fuel pump without proper training, it may be dangerous and cause further damage to your vehicle.

Q: Are rebuilt diesel engine parts a solid investment?

A: The answer to this question certainly depends on the parts supplier. Goldfarb & Associates has been in the industry for over 20 years and works with a network of reputable manufacturers and suppliers who guarantee their rebuilding work. Each used and rebuilt engine part will be carefully inspected before your purchase. With proper maintenance, used diesel engine parts can last for years.

Diesel Engine Plungers for Sale

Goldfarb & Associates has been supplying customers with high-quality diesel parts for over two decades. We stand by our name and our inventory of used, rebuilt, and new diesel engine products. Goldfarb & Associates has years of experience necessary to help diagnose the problem with your vehicle and to source the proper diesel engine plunger or other parts you need. Whether your vehicle is a commercial vehicle, passenger car, marine, or industrial vehicle, we will be able to find the parts that fit.

Goldfarb & Associates can help to locate even the hardest to find diesel engine pumps or plungers. Every part that arrives at or leaves our Rockville, Maryland headquarters is thoroughly inspected and tested. Each diesel engine part we sell will meet or exceed industry standards. Goldfarb understands the complexity of diesel engine issues and will find the replacement parts necessary to get the job done.

Our diesel engine plungers are carefully packaged, just like all of our diesel engine parts, and will arrive fully intact at your destination. We also offer free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. Explore the wide range of inventory in our online store or come to Rockville, MD, to check out the warehouse in person.


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