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Find the high-quality new, used, and rebuilt CHRA cartridges you need at Goldfarb & Associates. Order online or come browse our Rockville, MD warehouse. We have hundreds of CHRA cartridges for sale and in stock from manufacturers like Schwitzer, Garrett, Holset, Subaru, Borg Warner, and more.

Goldfarb can find the CHRA turbo cartridge needed for your engine application. On top of the vast parts inventory we have in-store, we also have an extensive network of trusted parts suppliers servicing diesel engine applications. If you are repairing a passenger car, commercial vehicle, light-duty truck, or heavy-duty pickup, Goldfarb & Associates can assist. The same for agricultural, industrial, or marine vehicles.

Get in touch today, and we will help identify and locate a new or refurbished CHRA cartridge for sale at an affordable price or answer any other questions you may have about diesel engine parts. Call or reach out in real-time with the live chat option at the bottom right section of your screen.

CHRA Cartridges

A CHRA (Center Housing Rotating Assembly) cartridge is one component of a turbocharger. The turbo cartridge houses the compressor and turbine wheels, which allow the turbocharger to compress air and increase power to the engine. A CHRA cartridge is a self-contained part that makes replacement and repairs simple. If a CHRA cartridge gets damaged or worn, your vehicle may experience a decrease in turbocharger efficiency, an increase in turbo lag, and potential damage to the engine.

Inside a CHRA Cartridge

CHRA cartridges hold the most critical components of a turbocharger. In addition to the turbine and compressor wheel, a CHRA turbo cartridge also houses the turbo shaft, journal and ball bearings, and oil and coolant passages. Because of this, if you find your turbocharger failing, you can often just replace the turbo cartridge to fix the problem.

How a Turbo Cartridge Works

The CHRA turbo cartridge holds the turbine and compressor wheel, which work together to produce more engine power. Exhaust gasses from the engine drive the turbine wheel. The turbine wheel is attached to the compressor wheel by the turbo shaft. Air draws into the cartridge through a compressor inlet and is compressed by the compressor wheel. The compressed air is then forced into the engine's intake manifold from the compressor outlet. Compressed air changes the air-to-fuel ratio and allows for higher fuel combustion and increased power.

How to Know if a CHRA Cartridge is Failing

The CHRA cartridge is the heart of the turbocharger. The majority of turbocharger failures happen within the cartridge. The turboshaft sees very high RPMs, putting a lot of stress on the component. The turbo cartridge is also exposed to high turbo pressure, which can damage the bearings within. Here are some symptoms that may indicate cartridge failure.

1. Burning or Leaking Oil

If a turbocharger is burning oil, the issue is most likely the cartridge. A worn seal or bearing can lead to excessive oil consumption, leaking, and burning as oil is pushed into the engine's intake manifold and combustion chambers. Rather than rebuilding the CHRA cartridge, a simple cartridge replacement may be the most cost-effective and best choice.

2. Poor Performance

A failed turbo cartridge can prevent the turbocharger from spinning and spooling correctly. If this happens, you'll feel a delay in vehicle acceleration and an acceleration reduction at higher speeds.

3. Concerning Noises

If a turbo cartridge has failed seals, bearings, or damaged wheels, it can produce weird and concerning noises. If you hear hissing, rattling, or drilling noises coming from the engine, it may be cause for concern.

4. Check Engine Light

Most modern vehicles will have a check engine light connected to the turbocharger. If the check engine light comes on, it's time to take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic.

5. Grey-Blue Exhaust

A grey-blue smoking exhaust may mean oil leaks into the exhaust system. This issue can happen if the turbo housing or seals are cracked. As the leaking oil burns, it will produce a bluish smoke which increases as the engine revs.

6. Slow Acceleration

If your vehicle is struggling to accelerate, this may demonstrate that the turbocharger and turbo cartridge is failing.

Keeping a CHRA Cartridge Running Smoothly

Diesel engine experts recommend that CHRA cartridges be replaced or rebuilt at around 100,000 to 150,000 miles. Here are some tips to keep turbo cartridges running smoothly.

1. Start Slowly

Build up vehicle RPMs slowly. Give your engine time to warm up and flow lubricating oil to the wheels and bearings.

2. Check Oil Regularly

Change engine oil and filters regularly. Dirt and impurities in oil can harm the turbo cartridge’s performance.

3. Check Air Filters Regularly

In a CHRA cartridge, the compressor wheel pulls outside air into the engine’s air filter. Air filters can get clogged with impurities causing the turbocharger to overheat.

5. Rebalance the Cartridge

Turbo cartridges need to be rebalanced after any repair or replacement. Bearings, shafts, and wheels can get off balance leading to engine vibration, which can shorten the lifespan of the turbocharger.

Checking the CHRA Cartridge

If any cartridge warning signs come up, you should have your turbocharger checked by a trusted mechanic. The longer it's left, the more expensive the repair could get. Before taking the vehicle in, though, there are a few things that you can check yourself.

Check for signs of oil leakage, any chips, dents, and damage to the turbocharger, and signs of contact between the housing and the compressor wheel. Look for any signs of oil around the turbocharger or loose connections. Check the air filter, fuel system, and exhaust system, as these can cause similar issues as turbo failure.

The compressor wheel inside the cartridge should be clean, dent and chip-free, and free of corrosive pits. Ensure the wheel does not touch the cartridge housing when it spins and can rotate freely.

CHRA Turbo Cartridges FAQs

Q: Are rebuilt turbo cartridges a good investment?

A: The quality of used diesel engine parts will depend on the supplier. Goldfarb & Associates stocks hundreds of rebuilt and refurbished CHRA cartridges and works with a vast network of reputable suppliers. Every rebuilt engine part is inspected and tested before being sold or fitted to the vehicle.

Q: How do you install a turbo cartridge?

A: Remove the old turbocharger from the vehicle's engine. This step will involve disconnecting the oil and coolant passages, the exhaust pipes, and any electrical components. Remove the compressor and turbine housings. Remove the old CHRA cartridge from the center of the turbocharger by removing the clips and bolts holding it in place. Clean and inspect the components for any damage. Place the new turbo cartridge and secure it with the clips and bolts. Reconnect all of the oil and coolant lines, exhaust and intake pipes, and electrical connections. Double-check that the turbocharger is installed correctly before starting the engine.

Q: How to know if a CHRA cartridge needs to be replaced?

A: Turbochargers that are failing may have a decrease in performance or acceleration, a check engine light indicating turbo issues, grey-blue exhaust smoke, higher oil consumption, unusual noises coming from the engine, or any physical dents and damage on the turbocharger.

Q: Do turbo cartridges come balanced?

A: Turbo cartridges do typically come balanced when purchased from a supplier or manufacturer. Balancing a cartridge involves adjusting the rotating components to ensure they spin smoothly. This balancing process reduces engine vibration and will extend the lifespan of the turbocharger. Anytime a cartridge undergoes repairs, or a new cartridge is installed, the cartridge will need to be rebalanced. Rebalancing should be done by a licensed professional, as it requires specialized equipment and expertise.

Q: How do you know if a rebuilt CHRA cartridge is in good condition?

A: There are several things to consider to determine if a cartridge is in good condition. Check the physical condition of the components, inspecting for signs of damage such as cracks, dents, or signs of wear. Make sure the rebuilt cartridge has been adequately balanced before installation. You should also check the oil flow within the cartridge. Check the oil lines and passages for any blockage or damage. If oil is not flowing correctly, it can cause damage to the turbocharger and the vehicle's engine. Rebuilt diesel engine parts sold at Goldfarb & Associates have been carefully tested and inspected. If you have any questions about the rebuild process and maintenance history, be sure to ask.

CHRA Cartridges for Sale

Experts in the industry, Goldfarb & Associates has been supplying diesel engine parts to customers worldwide for more than 20 years. We stand by our selection of new, used, and rebuilt engine components; our reputation means everything to us. Goldfarb has the experience necessary to identify the turbo cartridge for your engine application. We have diesel engine components for passenger cars, and marine, industrial and commercial vehicles. Order online or come check out our Rockville, Maryland warehouse.

Working with a high-quality network of turbocharger suppliers and manufacturers around the globe, Goldfarb can find even the rarest of diesel engine parts. You can trust that any parts sold at Goldfarb & Associates will be thoroughly inspected, including every turbo cartridge that arrives or leaves the Rockville, Maryland headquarters.

We guarantee that each turbo cartridge meets or exceeds OEM standards by inspecting the compressor wheel, turbine wheel, and turbine and compressor housing. Goldfarb understands the complexity of diesel engine part issues and will help diagnose, repair, and replace the necessary components to get your engine running smoothly.

CHRA turbo cartridges, like all engine parts sold at Goldfarb & Associates, are carefully packaged with free shipping in the United States. Check us out today.


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