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Saul’s Station #8 (1/11/23)

Posted by Scott Goldfarb on

2022 G & A Holiday Lunch

One last thing about 2022 and then we are done! We learned a lot about being flexible and making decisions on the run. All of us had issues to deal with during the year; price hikes, crazy diesel fuel prices, supply chain issues, etc. Often, quick decisions were necessary to stay in the game. Goldfarb and Associates was able to make those decisions very quickly and adapted well, leading to a great year. Thanks to all of you out there for bearing with us. Even at our holiday party, quick decision making was necessary. We had hired a Hibachi chef to come and cook for us. You know, the guy who flips the vegetables like a juggler and makes the onion volcano. Everyone was excited for a change from pizza (though we do love pizza!). We expected him at 11:00AM to get started. But then it was 11:30…then 12:30…still no chef. The troops were restless. And hungry. We could have panicked, complained, and fought the Hibachi company all day, but we knew we had to be flexible and make a new plan. Elissa and Scott made a quick command decision. Order enough Chinese food to feed 50 (we had 16 including our 5 month old granddaughter). The Holiday Party was saved and we had lunch for 3 more days. It is that kind of decision making that makes us such a great company!

That’s it for 2022. We at Goldfarb & Associates are very psyched for 2023! After a successful 2022, we have so much to look forward to in the coming year. While we think we did a lot of things well last year, we look forward to building on those successes.

First, we hope to grow our partnership with DAG-Diesel Line’s line of remanufactured pumps and injectors. Their line of VA to VE conversion pumps have proven to be very popular and an excellent solution for an old legacy pump. We have also been helping hundreds of shops solve hard to find pump situations using Diesel Line’s unique program of remanufacturing technology.

For more info, send us an email requesting more information:  saul@goldfarbinc.com or scott@goldfarbinc.com

In 2023, we plan on really ramping up our travel schedules. Saul, Scott, Brant, Karla, John, and Kevin are all making plans to traverse the US and beyond to see you and your facilities. We love seeing how our customers and vendors operate in their own environments. So much can be learned by observing how all of you handle material, customers, and employees. We are always trying to improve our processes at G & A. We are especially eager to visit you guys in the south where it is sunny and warm during the unpredictable Rockville MD winter! Don’t forget, we are always on the hunt for cores and surplus material to buy. Please let us know if you would like us to visit you.

We have 5 or 6 trade shows we plan on attending, including:

ADS/HDAW Convention-January 15-18, 2023 Booth #1943

CON-EXPO-Las Vegas, NV March 14-18, 2023 Booth #S65329

There will be more information shared with the remaining show, several more in Mexico.

Finally, on April 13, 2023 Goldfarb & Associates will be holding our first Reman Day Celebration. We are still in the process of planning a full day of fun, but we would love anyone and everyone to join us as we promote the circular economy and the remanufacturing industry. Bojan says he’ll DJ and we will definitely have some good food. Please let us know if you want to join us. Thank you all for reading Saul’s Station, helping Goldfarb & Associates achieve so many 2022 goals, and making every day truly great. Can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for us!



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