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Saul’s Station #7 (12/13/22)

Posted by Alex Smith on

Well it’s that time of year again.  The holidays are back and it’s time to appreciate all the wonderful people that help you throughout the year.  We here at Goldfarb & Associates are so lucky to have a fantastic team surrounding us.  Without any hyperbole, this is the best team we have ever had.  And I believe it shows in how we treat our customers, our vendors and our fellow employees.  It truly is like a family.  We have learned that occasionally, we have to stop and say thank you to one another.  As a way to do that, we like to have BBQ’s.  It’s a way for us to share an hour breaking bread and letting our hair down.  No comments please, Scott.  Last month we had a really good BBQ.  I cooked, of course!   Here are some photos:
John TevisBrant FreedMelissa Adkins and Barry Sandler
   John Tevis                                        Brant Freed                                   Melissa Adkins and Barry Sandler
Evan FriedmanJose Carbajal

Evan Friedman      Jose Carbajal

Another thing we like to do is give back to the community.  My wife Elissa is President of a non-profit organization called Sunflower Bakery.  At this very special bakery, they train young people with learning differences how to work in a bakery.  They also teach them the soft skills required to work in the front of the house.  Our whole team went over there a few weeks ago so that they could practice their serving skills on us.  It was fantastic, delicious and they did a great job serving us.  Thank you Sunflower Bakery.
Sunflower Bakery
Sunflower Bakery
Sunflower Bakery

Over the years we have volunteered to rehab houses, stored equipment for another non-profit and prepared food at the DC Central Kitchen.  It’s great team building, fun and very rewarding.

So, as the holiday’s approach, I’d like to personally thank each and everyone of you out there who has helped Goldfarb & Associates grow and become such a wonderful place to work.  I am always telling my friends about the wonderful people in our industry.  After 25 years in the diesel world, I count myself as very lucky for having met so many kind, considerate and genuine people.  From all of us here at Goldfarb & Associates, we wish you all a healthy and happy holiday season.


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