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Can You Put a Turbo and Supercharger Together?

Posted by Scott Goldfarb on

The quest for extracting maximum power from engines is never-ending for automotive enthusiasts. So, two popular methods of achieving this are turbocharging and supercharging. But is it possible to have the best of both worlds? Can you put a turbo and supercharger together?

Even though they sound similar and their intention is the same, these are two separate devices with different characteristics. In this post, we will explore the possibility of combining these technologies for an exceptional power boost. 

Can You Put a Turbo and Supercharger Together

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Understanding Turbochargers and Superchargers


The turbocharger is a device designed to improve the performance and overall efficiency of the engine. It is ideal for achieving substantial power gains in sports cars and high-performance vehicles.

The diesel turbocharger utilizes exhaust gases to drive a turbine, which compresses the incoming air and increases its density before reaching the engine’s combustion chamber. It is renowned for its efficiency in high RPM ranges.

Turbochargers are exhaust-driven and suitable for a diesel engine. Aside from adding extra power, they are fuel-efficient and increase the engine strength, particularly at low revs. That said, you need to get a quality turbo to get the advantages of such a device.

At Goldfarb & Associates, we offer a wide range of original and remanufactured turbochargers, supercharger cores, and various engine parts from renowned manufacturers in the automotive industry. By contacting our experts, you can find the suitable turbo for your vehicle and enjoy an exhilarating drive for an affordable price.


Superchargers force more air into the engine, increasing the oxygen available for combustion. They are belt-driven, operate directly from the engine’s crankshaft, and provide instant power even at low RPMs. 

Such a device increases the pressure of air that is supplied to an internal combustion engine. The engine gets more oxygen in each intake cycle and burns more fuel, increasing power output

Turbochargers vs. superchargers 

Turbochargers and superchargers, both engine modifications, are known as forced induction systems used to increase the engine’s power output. While either device can be used for improving engine performance and promoting fuel economy, there are a few significant differences between them. The main one is their energy source. 

Turbochargers use the exhaust gas from the vehicle to spin a turbine and pump air into the engine, making them efficient at higher RPMs. In comparison, superchargers are powered directly by the engine they are attached to. They provide immediate power at lower RPMs and are effective for quick acceleration.

Choosing between these devices depends on your preferences and driving style. Now that you are familiar with these power-boosting technologies, let’s discover whether you can put a turbo and supercharger together.

Can You Put a Turbo and Supercharger Together?

Yes, it is possible to combine a turbocharger and a supercharger in a setup known as ‘twin-charging’. Utilizing both methods of forced induction can lead to significant power gains. That said, this is a complex engineering task and requires careful tuning to ensure the components work together effectively.

Integrating these systems requires meticulous engineering to ensure compatibility, reliability, and optimal performance. Managing the increased heat generated by twin charging is crucial for preventing engine overheating and potential damage.

What Is a Twin Charger?

Twin charging has various applications, including custom builds, high-performance street cars, and racing applications such as motorsports. It involves hybrid induction systems on the same engine. 

The supercharger provides immediate power at lower RPMs, reducing turbo lag, while the turbocharger takes over at higher RPMs for additional power. This setup aims to balance the advantages and disadvantages of both systems.

Twin charging requires careful engineering but can offer a broad powerband and improved overall engine performance. Continue reading to learn how to run turbo and superchargers together to harness the strengths of both systems.

What Is a Twin Charger
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How does a turbo and supercharger work together?

A twin-charged engine can provide a significant increase in horsepower. The supercharger provides instant boost at low RPMs, eliminating turbo lag. The turbo kicks in as exhaust gases flow, providing additional power at higher RPMs. This dual-charging setup aims to optimize performance across various engine speeds. 

Twin Charging Advantages

Combining a turbocharger and a supercharger exploits the strengths of both systems. Such a configuration aims to mitigate the shortcomings of each system, providing a seamless delivery across the entire RPM range. Hence, it can lead to several advantages. 

Broad power band

Twin-charging provides power across a broader range of engine speeds. The supercharger provides an immediate boost at low RPMs, eliminating turbo lag. At the same time, the turbocharger kicks in as exhaust gases flow at higher RPMs. This results in a broader powerband and improved overall performance. 

Reduced turbo lag

With the supercharger providing immediate low-end power, there is minimal lag. This means that you get an instant response when you press the accelerator, which can improve drivability.

Increased power, torque, and efficiency

The combination of the supercharger and turbocharger allows for more air to be forced into the engine’s cylinders. This can increase power and torque, leading to improved acceleration and performance.

The added air pressure in the engine enables efficient combustion, leading to better fuel efficiency than naturally aspirated engines with similar power output. The combination of devices can also enhance performance at altitude. 


The engine can adapt to different driving conditions. At lower speeds, the supercharger provides the necessary boost, while at higher speeds, the turbo takes over. This enables optimizing performance based on demand. You can get more fuel to your engine by combining the two systems, whether parallel or in series. 


Can you put a turbo and supercharger together? Combining these systems is known as twin-charging. This concept offers exceptional power and is an intriguing frontier in automotive engineering. However, it requires careful planning. 

Whether for high-performance street applications or motorsports, twin-charging has proven to be captivating for those seeking to push the boundaries of automotive performance. So, if you are looking for a top-quality turbo or supercharger for your vehicle, contact us today for an exceptional driving experience!


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