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Can I Trust a Refurbished Fuel Injector?

Posted by Scott Goldfarb on

Your diesel engine hasn't been up to par lately. You suspect you need a new diesel engine fuel injector. Before you buy a replacement, let's look at the signs your engine is giving you that the fuel injector needs to be replaced.

Signs of a Faulty Fuel Injector

  • Fuel Leak. A leak could be caused by a worn or improperly maintained fuel injector. You may notice a sharp and pungent smell of fuel when you are driving, which would indicate a leak.
  • Loud Idling Noise. Instead of the softer rumble characteristic of idling, an engine with a faulty fuel injector will make louder, more unpleasant noises when put in idle.
  • Engine Misfires. A clogged fuel injector nozzle may cause delayed response to the accelerator pedal and engine misfiring.
  • Check Engine Light. A number of problems can trigger a check engine light to illuminate, but one is a problem with the fuel injection system.

Some of these symptoms can signify other problems, too. If you are not positive the fuel injector is the problem, a professional mechanic can help you rule out any other problem.

Buying Fuel Injector Replacement Parts

Once you have determined you need a new diesel fuel injector, you have to decide which type to buy. Let's dive into the different conditions of fuel injectors you'll see on the market and the pros and cons for each.

OEM Fuel Injectors

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. This means the fuel injector is produced by the original manufacturer of the vehicle, and the part was designed specifically for your original product.

An OEM product can either come as OEM new or OEM remanufactured. OEM new is a product that has not had any portion of it used in another engine before. OEM remanufactured is a product that has been used previously. Any parts that are worn have been replaced. This is done by the original manufacturer of the engine and parts.

● The Pros of OEM Fuel Injectors

Buying an OEM fuel injector to replace yours guarantees the compatibility between the fuel injector and your vehicle.

● Cons of OEM Fuel Injectors

OEM products are typically much more expensive than their rebuilt or remanufactured counterparts.

Refurbished Fuel Injectors

A refurbished fuel injector is an injector that was used previously in a different engine, then taken out, cleaned internally and externally, tested to ensure it still works, and sold as refurbished.

● Pros of Refurbished Fuel Injectors

Refurbished fuel injectors are the least expensive option for replacing your fuel injector. Even though they are used, they are tested to ensure they are in working order. If you have a reputable diesel parts supplier that you can trust, a refurbished product is a smart option.

● Cons of Refurbished Fuel Injectors

It is possible for a diesel injector parts supplier to lie about the condition of the fuel injector replacement parts they sell. It would be easy to not test them and sell them as-is but claim they are refurbished. If you have heard negative things about a supplier, be wary of buying refurbished products from them.

Remanufactured Fuel Injectors

A remanufactured fuel injector has been previously used in another engine. It was then removed, disassembled, cleaned, and then any parts that had excessive wear were replaced with new parts. Combining the old and new parts that are in good working condition, the fuel injector rebuild is reassembled and tested to ensure it works.

● Pros of Remanufactured Fuel Injectors

A remanufactured fuel injector is less expensive than an OEM fuel injector, but it is typically more expensive than a refurbished fuel injector since it includes new components. Like refurbished fuel injectors, if you can find a diesel fuel injection parts supplier that is trustworthy and honest, remanufactured products allow you to get the same quality without the same price tag.

● Cons of Remanufactured Fuel Injectors

As with refurbished fuel injectors, dishonesty is possible when it comes to selling used parts. Reading reviews or speaking with real customers can help you weed out shady diesel engine parts dealers.

Finding a reputable diesel parts supplier is key to helping you find quality refurbished and remanufactured parts. Once you have a supplier that you can trust, it is easy to save money buying refurbished or remanufactured products that work just as well as OEM products.


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