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5 Ways to Optimize your Diesel Engine

Posted by Scott Goldfarb on

Today's diesel engines are fine-tuned high-tech machines. Drivers choose them because they are great for hauling and towing, rugged, reliable, efficient and durable. Car buyers looking for a high-performing vehicle often turn to diesel engines.

Car manufacturers are developing diesel engines that meet high fuel efficiency standards and low carbon emissions. With these upgrades, diesel vehicles hitting the market meet the demands of the masses while also doing their part to protect the environment from carbon emissions. The downside is that the horsepower may take a hit. While cars straight off the lot work great for most drivers, some car owners need their vehicle to perform at optimized levels- and the solution to meeting the high standards of those drivers is aftermarket modifications.

If your vehicle's power is coming up short, customization is the answer. You can upgrade your diesel engine to improve horsepower, torque, acceleration and towing capacity while also making heat management modifications to give your diesel the desired power. Modifying your engine will also likely extend the life of your car and keep it running smoothly for years to come.

However, any engine modification takes proper planning. You want your engine components to work together flawlessly, and a diesel parts supplier can help you create a plan that optimizes power while increasing your engine's longevity. If you aim to improve horsepower, torque and towing capacity, here are five ways to boost your diesel engine performance.

1. Turbochargers

Upgrading with new or rebuilt turbochargers is the most common way to give your engine a boost. A turbocharger compresses oxygen molecules as they travel through your engine’s combustion chamber. This allows more fuel through, resulting in more power, torque and even increased towing capacity. Not only will an upgraded turbocharger generate higher power, but it will also improve your fuel efficiency. An upgraded turbocharger is a surefire way to get your engine to perform as you dream.

2. Fuel Injection Upgrade

Stock fuel injectors have limits to the amount of fuel they will let into your engine. Upgraded or rebuilt diesel fuel injection pumps enable the fuel to flow into the engine, improving performance and decreasing engine-related breakdowns. This upgrade also comes with a ton of added benefits to your engine, including improved fuel economy and reduced emissions levels, increased torque and power, and reduced exhaust fumes while at the same time reducing the effects of heat soak and issues with your turbocharger.

3. ECM System

As gas prices increase, fine-tuning a diesel's ECM system is becoming a popular upgrade. Your ECM (Engine Control Module) is the computer that controls all of your vehicle's fuel systems. You can replace or reprogram it to adjust your fuel settings, resulting in increased horsepower. Adjusting your ECM can improve the performance of your engine by as much as 30%. This increased efficiency will save you money at the gas pump, and give you a system that runs cleaner, produces less engine build-up, and improves maintenance costs.

4. Air Intake

Upgrading your air intake will provide you more horsepower and improve acceleration. As cool, dense air is pumped into your engine, it improves the amount of oxygen reaching your engine thus creating more efficient fuel combustion. This allows your engine to run cooler and be more responsive to acceleration. Adding performance and ultimately saving you in maintenance costs and adding time to the life of your car.

5. Exhaust

As you upgrade your fuel and air systems to allow for higher fuel intake and airflow, your diesel will also need to expel more exhaust. An upgraded exhaust system will not only meet the new demands of your engine modifications, but also improve power and torque output, as well as fuel economy. An exhaust upgrade will allow more heat to escape your engine, keeping things cool and moving efficiently.

Bonus Tip- Fuel Additives

A simple thing you can do to boost your engine's performance without any modifications to your engine is the use of diesel fuel additives. They are designed to give you cleaner combustion, help clean your engine, decrease friction and stabilize your fuel. Fuel additives give you better mileage and get rid of water in the fuel system.

Making modifications to your diesel engine requires an additional investment in your vehicle, of both time and money. You will want to work with high-quality parts and a knowledgeable parts distributor to ensure you get top-notch results. The payoff is that you will have a car or truck that will give you the power you need and even lengthen the life of your vehicle.

At Goldfarb, we specialize in hard-to-find and high-quality refurbished diesel parts. We have an extensive network of parts suppliers that can connect you with the part you need to make your diesel customization dreams a reality.


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