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12 Ways to Reduce Noise from Your Diesel Generator

Posted by Scott Goldfarb on

It's no secret that diesel generators can generate not only power but also a lot of noise. Whatever your need for a generator is, it's safe to say that it can become annoying rather quickly. We have gathered some tips to reduce noise from your diesel generator. You can find and implement one or more to fit your needs.

1. Buy the Right Generator. The first way to reduce noise from a generator starts before you even buy one. The larger the generator, the more noise it is going to produce. If noise is a concern for you, be sure to get a generator that will fit your needs but is not too big.

You can also search for generators that advertise sound reduction. Technology is advancing to allow some generators to operate more quietly, but these generators are often more expensive.

2. Create More Distance. A simple way to make your diesel generator less noisy is to have it installed farther away from where you are. Distance will reduce the amount of noise you hear.

3. Reposition the Exhaust. You can also reduce some of the noise from a generator by positioning the exhaust end away from you. The exhaust end is where most of the sound comes from, so directing it away from where you will be will help it to be less bothersome.

4. Install Anti-Vibration Mounts. Sound waves are vibrations, so when we can reduce vibrations, we reduce sound. Anti-vibration mounts can be set up underneath generators to reduce the number of sound waves. These mounts can be found made from rubber, springs, or dampers.

5. Use Soft Surfaces. If mounts are not in the budget, you can still minimize the sound by placing the generator on a soft surface or even an anti-vibration rubber mat. These mats are common and available for a number of potentially noisy appliances.

6. Install Flexible Joints. Flexible joints between the generator and the connecting systems also allow for the reduction of vibrations.

7. Create a Permanent Enclosure. Another option if the location of a permanent generator is non-negotiable is to have the generator enclosed. An industrial unit will reflect the sound waves and minimize the amount you will hear. Generator canopies or enclosures are great options to limit the sound.

8. Utilize Acoustic Insulation. If enclosures themselves do not create enough sound reduction, you can add acoustic insulation to the enclosure or room where the generator is stored. Insulation lines the walls with sound-absorbing materials, so less sound leaves the enclosure.

9. Set up an Acoustic Fence. An acoustic fence is also an option to surround a generator canopy or enclosure. Such a fence is also a great option for generators that are not in permanent places, such as generators used in construction projects or for utility networks. Fences are quick to set up and provide an extra barrier between the generator and everyone's ears.

10. Upgrade the Muffler. Your generator comes with a muffler, which is supposed to muffle the noise coming from the exhaust pipes. You can, however, replace the muffler with a larger and more quality one to muffle more of the noise. Be sure to research which mufflers will be compatible with your generator.

11. Use Water to Muffle the Noise. Water can be used to muffle the noise from your generator. If you put a large bucket of water lower than your generator, you can connect a hose to the exhaust pipe using a clamp. The other end of the hose goes into the bucket of water. You do not want water flowing backward to the exhaust pipe, so you can poke small holes in the hose to prevent this from happening.

12. Use an Attenuator. The most effective way to reduce noise for large industrial generators is by using an attenuator. Attenuators limit the transmission of noise while they pass large amounts of air through them, swirling it, and then reducing the wavelength of the sound. Large attenuators can reduce noise by up to 90 dB.

By implementing one or more of these tips, you don't have to let your loud generator bother you any longer. At Goldfarb and Associates, Inc., we are a diesel parts supplier to fit all your diesel needs, whether it's a generator or remanufactured diesel engine, or anything in between. We have parts for every type of diesel engine. Check our inventory if you have any diesel needs.


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